August 19, 2022



Salman Khan Join hands With Congress Leader “Baba Siddiqui”

The second wave of Corona virus has caused a commotion in the country. Above all, the scarcity of oxygen and medicines has added to the difficulty. In such a situation, along with various social and religious organizations, Bollywood celebrities are also helping the affected by increasing. Superstar Salman Khan is also involved in this campaign. He has called for oxygen concentrators to help the needy, whose first batch has reached Mumbai. These contractors will be given free from Salman.

Salman Khan has joined hands with Congress leader Baba Siddiqui and his son Zeeshan Siddiqui for this initiative. Baba and Zeeshan shared the photo and informed about the import of 500 oxygen concentrators on social media, which Salman has re-posted from his account.

The post reads, “Our 500 oxygen concentrators have arrived in Mumbai. Those Covid patients who need it in an emergency can call us on 8451869785 or even tag / direct message me. We will give them this Will be given for free. Please return them after use. ”

Salman is constantly helping

While Salman is busy promoting his film ‘Radhey’. At the same time, they are also helping the needy continuously. Recently he was seen sharing food packets with his team to frontline workers. Not only this, they were also checking the food themselves before sending the packet.

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