August 19, 2022



Salman Khan Filled A Defamation Case Against KRK

The film Critical Kamal Rashid Khan has been screwed by Salman Khan. By the way, he has publicly criticized Salman’s film or songs many times. But now on reviewing Radhe, Salman Khan has taken the KRK in the face. After Salman Khan’s complaint, KRK made several tweets one after the other. It also said that from now on they will not review any Salman Khan film.

In his first tweet, KRK wrote – Dear Salman Khan, this defamation case is a proof of your frustration and disappointment. I review for my followers and am doing my work. Instead of stopping me from reviewing your films, you should make some good films, I will keep fighting for the truth. Thanks


In the second tweet, KRK’s attitude looked soft. He wrote – I have said this many times before that if any actor and producer does not want me to review his film, I do not. After reviewing Radhe, Salman Khan filed a defamation case against me, which means that they are having a lot of effect from my review. Hence, I will not review his films from now on.

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