September 16, 2021



Pearl V Puri Celebrate His Birthday In Orphanage Home

Television Actor Pearl V Puri’s birthday was on Saturday. But he celebrated it with utmost simplicity. He has been released on bail after he was arrested for raping a minor last month. He was seen at St. Catherine’s Home, an orphanage in Andheri, Mumbai. Seeing the paparazzi, Pearl removed her mask and greeted the photographers with folded hands.

Pearl V Puri greets paparazzi with folded hands on birthday, spotted first  time since bail | Bollywood - Hindustan Times

Pearl V Puri was arrested in June. Presently he is out on bail. He was accused of raping a minor girl on the sets of a TV show in Vasai where they were shooting with the girl’s mother in October 2019. However, Pearl’s support was supported by Divya Khosla Kumar and Anita Hansanandani. He kept raising his voice continuously.

After the bail, Pearl took to Instagram to share her side. He wrote – “Life tests people in its own way. I lost my maternal grandmother a few months ago, then I lost my father on the 17th day of her departure. Then it came to know that my mother has cancer and Then this horrific allegation. The last few weeks were heavy for me. Like a nightmare. I was made to feel like a criminal overnight. All this amid my mother’s cancer treatment, it shattered my sense of security , I was feeling helpless, I am still numb…. but I thought it was time to reach out to my friends, fans and well wishers who gave me their love, support. To keep faith in me Thank you and I am a firm believer of Satyamev Jayate. I have faith in the law, judiciary and God of my country. Please keep your prayers coming!.

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