Payal Rohatgi Mocked Kangana Ranaut’s Dhaakad

Reality Show Lockup fame Payal Rohatgi recently took to social media to make fun of the poor opening of Kangana Ranaut’s recently released film ‘Dhaakad’. Actually Payal had recently reached the premiere of this film, but later she revealed that Kangana had treated her very badly there.

Payal made fun of Kangana’s film and said, “Sad, it is the result of all karma. The one who got 18 lakh votes, neither did he promote the film nor his fake voters came to watch the film. Sita is going to make a film on mother and in that.” Sita will probably also give a role to the person making fun of Maa because she has to show her objectivity to the society.

Payal was recently asked during an interview whether she met Kangana at the premiere of the film. So in response she said, “I tried to talk to her, but she was not happy and was treating me badly.” Payal had earlier shared the photos of the premiere and wrote, “Rangoli you are a very nice lady, but your sister was not happy to see me.”

Talking about Payal, she will tie the knot with Sangram on July 21 this year. Recently, while sharing the post, Sangram wrote, “This July… where we will take vows with each other and tie the knot.” Sangram and Payal met on the sets of the reality show ‘Sarvavar’. Recently, Sangram proposed Payal for marriage during the reality show Lockup. Let me tell you, Payal has been a contestant of lock up.

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