October 5, 2022



‘Pathan’ Shooting Happening In Virtual Platform Mode

The current circumstances of Covid have made the shooting of big budget action films complicated. Especially in films where two big stars are present. For example, ‘Pathan’, the film stars two big stars like Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham. The film continued to be shot in virtual platform mode until the lockdown. Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham have been filming their respective action sequences in different time zones. Later in the post production, his scene will be merged. Then both will be seen in the same frame.

This mode of shooting has been confirmed by Shahrukh Khan’s body double Prashanth Walday. Prashant has been working as Shahrukh Khan’s body double for the last 15 years. Prashant told, “The same technique was also used for a paan masala ad. Ajay Devgan’s scenes were shot at different times. Then he was merged with the Shah Rukh bhai scene and both appeared in the same frame. All this was done to follow social distancing. The risk of infection at the same time was not done for two big stars. Shah Rukh Yash Raj Studio came for Pan Masala Ed. There were only 20 on set. They shot in crew members of 25 people. They were 10 to 20 feet apart. Before that they had shot many eds at their bungalows. ”

Due to the latest technology, the shooting of ‘Pathan’ took place in Yash Raj and Filmcity at a fast pace. Shah Rukh and John Abraham continued to shoot at both locations. Apart from ‘Pathan’, Shah Rukh Khan has also shot for ‘Brahmastra’. Sources said that Shah Rukh has become a black magician in it, he has a cameo. At the same time, Moni Roy takes away all the power of Shah Rukh’s character from his magical powers in the film.

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