August 14, 2022



Kicha Sudeep’s Reaction On Controversy With Ajay Devgan

South’s actor Kichcha Sudeep has once again reacted to the controversy over ‘Hindi language’ with Ajay Devgan three months ago. Kicha Sudeep said during an interview that Ajay Devgan cannot tweet like this, it must be the work of a third person.

Actually, Kicha Sudeep was asked in the interview whether he and Ajay Devgan are ‘friends’ even after the controversy on Twitter three months ago? To this question Kichcha Sudeep said, “Ajay Devgan is a gentleman. There is no estrangement between us. I am telling you 100 percent that there was a minor misunderstanding then. He tweeted to me, But he is so cute that he retweeted and said, “I got my answer Sudeep, thanks for clearing it up.”

Ajay Devgan wrote the first tweet for Kicha Sudeep in Hindi, while Sudeep’s reply was in English. He had also told then that he could have chosen to answer in Kannada, which meant that Ajay did not understand his point. Sudeep also got a lot of support from fans and celebs on this. At the same time, many people said that Ajay should have used the common language English for the conversation. To this Sudeep says, “I’m pretty sure someone I know will never tweet in Hindi. There’s definitely a third person’s idea behind it. I don’t want to know it and don’t want to draw any conclusions.” ”

At the same time, many people criticized Sudeep in the midst of this controversy and called his statement ‘anti-Hindi’. The actors do not agree on this. Rather they say that they love Hindi and this language is as much theirs as Hindi speakers in the country. He says, “Hindi is ours too. It is a language which does not belong to any particular religion or community. It is a common language, which we use to talk to each other in India. It is a connecting language and we are proud of it.”

In the interview, Sudeep further jokingly said that because of Bollywood films, people in South India learn Hindi even before they go to school. Sudeep further says, “In South we all learn Hindi before we learn second language or third language in school. We have two teachers – Kishore Kumar ji and Amit ji (Amitabh Bachchan). Because of these two people, we started school. Learned Hindi long before I left. He forcibly taught it to us. We had to do it to understand his songs and Mr. Bachchan’s dialogues. Since then we have loved Hindi.”

Sudeep said that the entire brawl with Ajay Devgn happened because of a misunderstanding. He said, “I have no fight with Hindi. My simple point was that Pan-India should not always mean Hindi. Just because you are making Hindi films, doesn’t mean it automatically becomes Pan-India. Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Punjabi, Tamil films are also becoming pan-India now. All I wanted to say was. The debate at that time was that it is our national language. It is not like that, but we still love it. It may be from there, but this language is also ours. It is as much ours as it is yours.”

Kannada star Kiccha Sudeep made a controversial statement about the Hindi language three months ago. He had said in an event that Hindi is no longer the national language. Bollywood is struggling to make Pan India films, while the South industry has already been successful. On this, Ajay Devgan had replied to Kichcha Sudeep by tweeting that if Hindi is not the national language then why do the makers of South Industry release their films by dubbing them in Hindi? After this a heated argument started between the two on Twitter. After this, there was a lot of controversy over Kicha’s statement.

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