Is Yo Yo Honey Singh Filed FIR Against Fans?

Recently some people misbehaved with rapper and singer Yo Yo Honey Singh in a club in Delhi, after which he has lodged an FIR. According to the reports, this whole matter is of late night of 26 March. Actually what happened was that during his show 5-6 people had forcibly entered there. He started threatening Honey Singh and the artist by going on stage. In the full show, he showed beer bottles and also shoved the artists. Seeing the matter getting serious, Honey Singh had to stop the show midway.

According to the report, on March 27, Honey was giving a performance at the Skoll Club of Delhi South Extension-2. At the same time some people climbed on the stage and started misbehaving with the singer as well as the rest of the artists. They showed beer bottles from the stage itself and also stopped the show. Seeing the matter getting serious, Honey Singh and his team immediately left the stage and called off the show. However, till now no official announcement has come from Honey’s side on this whole matter.

According to the report, in the FIR lodged by Honey, it is written, “A man in a check shirt grabbed my (Honey Singh) hand and started pulling me forward. I was trying to avoid it, but that man threatened me.” I also saw that he had a weapon. While another accused person in a red shirt was making a video and was saying, ‘Bhaga diya Honey Singh ko’.” It is being said that the police is investigating the matter with the help of CCTV cameras and other technical help.

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