September 24, 2021



Is Vicky Kaushal Proposed Katrina Kaif In Front Of Salman Khan?

Popular actors Vicky Kaushal and Katrina Kaif have been in the headlines for many days due to the rumors of relationship, although now this rumor has turned into reality. Recently, actor Harshvardhan Kapoor has told in an interview that Vicky and Katrina are really in a relationship with each other. After this revelation, the actor realized that he could be in trouble because of this, as he mentioned in his interview. Let us tell you that Vicky and Katrina have been spotting with each other for several months, but both have remained silent on their relationship. Today, when the relationship of both of them has been confirmed, then let’s know how the news of their relation had flown-

During the Star Screen Awards in the year 2019, Vicky Kaushal publicly proposed marriage to Katrina. The actor said, I am a big fan of yours, wedding season is going on, why don’t you also find a Vicky Kaushal and marry him. Further on the answer of the actress, Vicky directly asked, will you marry me. On this the actress said that she does not have the courage. Surprisingly, all this was happening in the presence of Salman Khan, where his expressions were worth watching. At this time, everyone had ignored it as a joke between the actor and the host in the award night, although now both have really become each other.

Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal were constantly getting spotted together. The two started attending B-town parties together, even Vicky was spotted outside Katrina’s house several times. In the year 2019 IIFA Award, Zee Cine Award function, both of them had reached together and sat together. After seeing the pictures together, everyone started guessing the relation of both, although in an interview, Vicky denied these reports. In an interview given to Mid-Day, Vicky had said, I understand that the paparazzi are doing their job.

I also understand that people are interested in our life, but it completely depends on me whether I want to share my personal life or not. I don’t feel comfortable discussing about my personal life. It is very important that I protect my good things.
Katrina Kaif went to celebrate New Year this year with her sister Isabelle, while on the other hand Vicky also went out for a vacation with his brother Sunny Kaushal, from where beautiful pictures of both of them were revealed. The thing to note was that the same background was visible in both the pictures and the pictures were from the same resort. Since then, the pair of both were named Vic-Kat on social media.

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