October 5, 2022



Is Ranbir Kapoor Plan’s To Make His Debut On Netflix?

Bollywood Actor Ranbir Kapoor has also stepped up towards OTT platforms, which are indicated by one of his videos. Netflix has shared the promo video of Ranbir Kapoor on social media, in which Ranbir has given a hint. However, nothing is clear about this project. After this video of Ranbir, the fans are also excited and are asking what the project is.

Acting to shoot the promo in the video, Ranbir is saying – Action, Comedy, Drama, Romance, Cartoons on Netflix … ie Entertainment for everyone in the family. He waits for some response by speaking his line. Sound comes –

Ranbir feels that his shot is being praised. It is then shown that on this side of the camera everyone is watching cricket on mobile and praising the shot in it. Everyone on the set is busy with cricket. After this, Ranbir says – but now if you are busy, then you meet after cricket. Netflix has shared the video on Instagram, with which it is written – Ranbir Kapoor has taken another shot to grab your attention, but we can understand that you guys are not listening.

This video of Ranbir suggests that Netflix is ​​about to announce a big project with him after the IPL. Ranbir’s fans are also excited by this video. There are speculations whether Ranbir will make an OTT debut from a web series. One user also wrote that he remembers Ranbir said in the interview that he was not interested in the web series.

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