October 28, 2021



Is Kriti Sanon Will Shift To Her New House Before Diwali?

These days Kriti Sanon is in discussion about her upcoming film ‘Shehzada’. Now news is coming that Kriti is going to shift to her new house in Mumbai before Diwali. Kriti is from Delhi, but has been living in Mumbai for the last 7 years. This city has given him a lot of name and fame. So Kriti thought of making her new home in Mumbai itself. Kriti has taken her new home in Mumbai and is expected to shift to her new home before Diwali.

Kriti Sanon said in an interview, “Hopefully I will be moving to my new house soon. The work is on and if all goes well, I will shift there just before Diwali.” The actress’s festive season is passing in Mumbai, but she also talks about her nostalgia and how she visited Delhi’s fairs.

Used to do she told, “I have many memories of Navratri in Delhi. We used to go to different corners of the city for food. Me and my friends used to decide in advance that today they have to go to the fair and tomorrow they have to go to the fair and used to have a lot of fun. We used to wear traditional kurtas and go for dandiyas and enjoy sumptuous traditional food. We used to fast in the family also. Fasting was observed on the first day of the festival or on the last day.

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