September 16, 2021



Is Kamal Khan Will Go To High Court Against Salman Khan?

In the defamation suit filed by Salman Khan on Wednesday, the Mumbai City Civil Court had given an interim order that Kamal will no longer be able to post any post against Salman. After this decision of the city court, it has been decided to go to the High Court. Kamal has posted on social media saying that the court did not order me to remove the videos which I have posted till now as Salman said.

Kamal wrote in the post – I have read the court order in Salman Khan vs KRK defamation case and I have decided to move the High Court against it. Court did not order me to remove the videos which I have posted till now as Salman said. But the court ordered me not to review any Salman Khan film in future.

In another post, he wrote – I believe that film review is my personal opinion and the court should not stop me from expressing my personal opinion. So I will go to the High Court and even the Supreme Court to protect my rights. I am a film critic and this is my job, so I will continue to review films.

While attacking Bollywood, Kamal wrote in another post – First Bollywood people tried to make fun of me. Then they tried to prove me corrupt. And now they are all asking the court to stop me from reviewing their films. This is the power of honesty. They have 100 corrupt critics, but still they are afraid of the review of an honest critic.

Kamal asked Salman’s lawyers- Today my question is to the lawyers who told the media that they did not file a defamation case for Radhe Review. If you liars didn’t ask the court to stop me from reviewing the movies, how did the court ask me not to review the movies? That is, the defamation case is just to stop my reviews.
Whatever I have to say about Salman’s defamation case court order, I have said it. I will say more next week when I appeal against the order in the High Court.
Truth is not defamatory to the public, but it is defamatory to celebrities, as they fool the public with fake statements and acts. When I call Akki Canadian, he gets angry but this is the truth. If I call 55+ actors old, they get angry but this is the truth.

Can someone explain to me, why should I call a Canadian citizen an Indian? Why should I call a 55+ year old man a sweet 20 year old boy? Why do I lie to please some people? And why are the people of Bollywood so impressed by my statements when I am no one for them.
I am not going to say anything to anyone. If I am telling the truth sitting at my home, why are you being so impressed? You are being affected because you know and people know that I am telling the truth. And the truth is the bitterest thing in this world.

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