Is Bollywood Actor “Randeep Hooda” Signed Radhe Film Because Of Salman Khan?

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan’s film Dabangg may be strong at the box office but it could not impress the critics very much. Fans are now waiting for Salman Khan’s next film, which will be titled Radhe. Equipped with tremendous action and stunt scenes, Salman Khan will be in the lead role and Salman’s kick-in co-star Randeep Hooda will be seen in the negative role.

Randeep Hooda is in a negative role, this is almost common but do you know that Randeep did a negative role in this film on the recommendation of Salman. According to a reports, Randeep told about working with Salman Khan in Radhe after Kick and Sultan. He said that after rejecting many negative roles, he took this role at the behest of Salman.

Regarding the action and stunts in the film, Randeep said that there was a scene in which Salman jumps on Randeep’s back. He told that he had given 18 takes to do this scene and his knee was also injected in it.

Regarding the relationship with Salman Khan, Randeep said, “I respect Salman a lot as a human being and an actor. He has his own way of working because I am used to it when we have worked together.”

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