September 16, 2021



Harshvardhan Gets Hollywood Stunt Coordinator For His Film

Nilesh Sahai and Harshvardhan Rane have collaborated for an action thriller. The film will go on floors by the end of this year. Frank Torres has been hired from Hollywood as the stunt coordinator in this film. Frank Torres has worked in films like Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga starrer ‘A Star is Born’.

He has also done brilliant work in ‘Point Blank’, ‘American Hustle’, ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’, ‘King Kong Skull Island’, ‘The Great Wall’ and ‘The Revenant’. Frank says, “I am excited to be working on my first Bollywood film, this film is a super fast-paced action film with non-stop action. His knowledge of the genre is unparalleled.”

Harshvardhan says, “I call Nilesh (Sahay, director) Boss, because he is a true leader and extremely positive person about his vision, he subconsciously me almost every other day not only for this film, but also motivates me to work harder for the action genre. Training for my first action movie with him in the mountain valleys as well as helping me focus. We do this for agility rather than the usual fitness program And focusing on a natural approach.”

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