Federation Of Indian Pilots Accuses Ajay Devgan’s ‘Runway-34’

Bollywood Actor Ajay Devgan is in the news these days for his recently released film Runway-34. In which Ajay has played the role of pilot. Now recently the Federation of Indian Pilots has accused Ajay of presenting the pilots in a wrong way in this film. It has been claimed in the film that it is based on real events. But, the federation says that the film is completely based on a fictional story.

It has been claimed about the film that it is based on the real story of the crash landing of a Doha to Kochi flight in 2015. The plane crashed due to bad weather and low visibility, killing many passengers. But Pilot Federation says that what is shown in the film is far from the truth.

Captain CS Randhawa, Secretary of the Pilots Federation, has issued a statement condemning ‘Runway 34’. He said, ‘The way the profession of pilots has been depicted in the film, it is far from the truth. The way it is depicted in the film, it can create many kinds of confusing doubts in the minds of the passengers traveling in the plane.

Randhawa adds, “We all appreciate and enjoy the artistic license of a film director for entertainment purposes. But the way it has been shown and claimed to be professionalism among airline pilots in the name of a thrilling story, it should not be considered right. Pilots fly thousands of flights every day carrying passengers responsibly and with complete safety.

The FIP has said in its statement that the federation rejects the claim of the film that it is based on a true incident. Emphasizing this, the statement said, “We are saying this again that the character in the film does not represent our profession in a true and fair manner. There is zero drug abuse in our industry. There is a policy of tolerance. Our pilots adhere to the highest standards of professionalism to live up to the trust of their companies, aviation regulators and the public.”

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