October 5, 2022



Director Farah Khan 8 Years Younger Then Her Husband Shirish

Bollywood’s well-known editor and director Shirish Kunder has turned 48 years old. He was born on 24 May 1973 in Mangalore. Shirish is married to choreographer and director Farah Khan, who is 8 years older than her. Farah revealed during a talk show how Shirish proposed to her for marriage. According to Farah, she was unaware that Shirish, 8 years younger, likes her heart. But soon she herself was convinced of Shirish’s intelligence.

Farah and Shirish’s love story began on the set of the film ‘Main Hoon Na’. Shirish already had a crush on Farah before signing the film. When he was offered as an editor job for the film, he accepted it without delay. He did this only because of his crush on Farah. The special thing is that Shirish also got less salary for this job. They got engaged in Goa after dating for about 7 months. Shirish had said in an interview, “We could not go to Abroad, so chose Goa. That too is a romantic place.”

Shirish first placed the proposal in front of Farah. But he did not want to timepass, but was watching his future with Farah. Farah told during the talk show, “Shirish told me – Darling, go away if you don’t want to marry me. I don’t want to waste my time just by looking at you. If you are serious and we are going to get married then Will only carry this relationship forward. ”

According to Farah, he thought a lot and then accepted Shirish’s proposal. In 2004, she first registered marriage and then married and married in South Indian style. Because Shirish travels from South India (Mangalore). In 2008, both triplets became the parents of Zar, Diva and Anya.

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