September 24, 2021



Delhi Theaters Will Open From Monday With 50 Percent Capacity

After a long wait, there is good news for the theater operators because now gradually the theaters of many states are being reopened. The founders of Delhi have decided to open all theaters with 50 percent capacity from Monday, after which everyone is now waiting for the lockdown to be removed from the cinema halls of Maharashtra. Maharashtra is the hub of Hindi cinema and if theaters open here, then Akshay Kumar’s film Bellbottom can also be released on August 15.

Akshay Rathi, a well-known exhibitor from Maharashtra said, “We welcome the Delhi government to restart cinema halls with 50 percent capacity. We hope that Maharashtra which is considered to be the home state of Hindi film industry should also follow this and start theatrical exhibition sector. These exhibitors have not received any financial help, in such a situation, they will be able to get livelihood from the opening of cinema halls.

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