Bollywood Remakes Are Not Standing Before South Industry

Year after year, the South industry is coming up with unique stories with great story, dialogues, while Bollywood has been bound by remakes, biographical films and LGBT subjects for the past several years. As a result, 80 percent of Bollywood films are being made on these genres only.

By showing the same subject continuously, Bollywood has turned its audience towards South. Apart from the audience in the quest for new stories, Bollywood filmmakers are also serving South’s films by remaking them. This proves that there is a dearth of fresh stories and ideas in Bollywood.

Taking a look at last year’s report card, two biographical films are at number 83 and Bellbottom at number two and four in the top five highest-grossing films. The Hindi remake of Mulshi Pattern is the last at number three and Chandigarh Kare Aashiqui made on LGBT subject at number five.

This year’s highest grossing film is Sooryavanshi, which can be called Fresh Story. Seeing the collection, it is clear that the audience is liking the original content more than the remake, biographical films. On the other hand, if we compare these Bollywood films with South films, then the results are disappointing.

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