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Bollywood Director “John Mathew Mathan” Said “Aamir Khan” Starts Playing Chess With Someone Who Gives Knowledge On The Set

Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan is celebrating his birthday yesterday. Director John Mathew Mathan, who worked with him, shared the things related to him. He said When I worked with Aamir on the film ‘Sarfarosh’, he was doing an ad film at the time. I met him at Rajkamal Studio. He was shooting. I told him that I had written a script, If I want to tell you, they gave time within ten days. I went to Sunny Super Sound where the background music score of his film was in progress. It was his father’s film. She was accompanied by Juhi Chawla and was doing the direction Mahesh Bhatt.

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He said that you have only half an hour to tell the story, tell it in it. When I went there with a hard bound script, I said that I cannot listen in half an hour, I need at least three hours. He agreed to that too. A week later they called me to their house. Closing the door, told the wife not to attend the phone because I want to hear the script. I then listened to the entire film for three hours and as soon as the narration was over he said, “I am doing your film”. Till date my friends do not believe how Aamir said yes to me in a single sitting? although, It took four years for the film to go on the floor as there was a commitment of his films in between. At that time he was doing two-three films which took a lot of time to make. Meanwhile, whenever I met Aamir, he kept saying that we are going to make a film after four months.

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If someone had given more knowledge on the set, Aamir would sit with him and play chase. The rest Aamir has a habit of asking questions. He also asked me a lot of questions. Like why this scene? Why this dialog? Et cetera. Overall it was a very pleasant experience working with him. We finished shooting the film in 112 days. After that no such script came to me We never worked together after that which is worthy of Aamir. I often meet him. I would like to say on his birthday that you should be happy like this. If you are happy in life then only you can do everything.


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