Bollywood Actress “Taapsee Pannu” Expressed Her Anger

Bollywood films like ‘Chhapak’ and ‘Panga’ may not have got the expected success at the box office, but actress Taapsee Pannu is confident that her film ‘Thappad’ will definitely succeed. The reason for this trust of Taapsee is the success of her films like ‘Pink’, ‘Mulk’ and ‘Badla’. Amit Kumar Singh had this special meeting with Taapsee Pannu

In the first year, one or two films were made keeping women in the center, but today, two or three films are seen in such months. This is a wonderful change. The public has become aware of online content. Now he rejects ten-year-old subject films outright. For this reason, women-based films have started coming into this new era. I think we had not worked on this subject before. We have an actor

Taapsee Said, the only thing I keep in mind is whether I can watch this film by applying 500 rupees of my hard earned money or not. Whether or not I will spend three hours of my life returning to this film. I will still earn money but that time cannot come back. People’s time is as important as my time. That’s why I always wish that people’s time and money are not wasted.

She also added that, Delhi has made the whole basis of my life. You can drive a girl out of Delhi but you cannot drive Delhi out of a girl. I have always been from Delhi and will always be from Delhi. Mumbai is my workplace. But my birthplace will always be Delhi. My identity is from Delhi and I am proud of it.

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