Bollywood Actor “Tiger Shroff” Confess His School Time Love

Bollywood Actor Tiger Shroff has revealed in a media interaction that when he was in school, he had a huge crush on Shraddha. Tiger revealed the secret of his school days and said that we used to study in sem school. At that time I had a great crush on Shraddha, but I never told her about this feeling, because I was very afraid.

Tiger stopped in between and said – “He did not have a crush, but the matter was the opposite.” I used to die on him in school days. ”Shraddha was surprised to hear this about Tiger. His reply was- “I did not know this. If I had known, I would have definitely done something in this matter. ‘

When asked why he did not tell Shraddha about this feeling, Tiger gave a very funny answer. He said, I was afraid. Just used to see him from a distance and it was not in any creepy way, just kept looking at him. Her hair used to fly in the air as she passed through the hallway of her school.

Shraddha could not stop laughing after hearing these emotions of Tiger. It is notable that before Tiger Shroff, Varun Dhawan has also revealed that he had a crush on Shraddha. He even gave a rose flower to Shraddha in a romantic style by telling her heart about it during a TV show.

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