Bollywood Actor ‘John Abraham’ Will Produce A Biopic On Revathi Rai

Bollywood Actor John Abraham is going to make a film based on the life of entrepreneur Revathi Rai. Revathi introduced Asia’s first female taxi service ‘Hey Didi’. John’s JA Entertainment, Robby Grewal’s Red Ice Films and Anil Bohra’s Vyaka Entertainment are co-producing Revathi’s biopic.

John said, ‘I am very happy that we are producing this amazing story. Revathi’s journey has been as a lively, witty and enthusiastic woman who, like Phoenix, went ahead despite all odds. She is constantly working towards empowering women.

Revathi says, ‘I am happy that John, Robby and Anil have come together to tell a story that is not just mine but every woman who gets the chance.The need is only to give them an environment that allows them to fly. This is what I and my team have done at a small level.

After the death of her husband, she was not getting any job, after which she decided to start her own business. She started the business on a very small scale and today he is an example for everyone in the startup world. She is the CEO of ‘Hey Didi’.

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