August 19, 2022



Bollywood Actor Ali Fazal’s Upcoming Webseries “Mirzapur 2” Preparations On Final Stage

The Bollywood industry is preparing to bring shooting and post production work on track. The team of Ali Fazal and Mirzapur 2 had been dubbing the series from their homes for a few days, but now everyone started recording studios from Thursday. Apart from Ali, Shweta Tripathi and key members of the season, people from the production team also attended. The actors ensured that they would maintain social distancing all along.

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Ali said, “We had dubbed a few episodes before the lockdown so we started with the same twist. It was great to be back at work, as it has been an unusually long break. We shot the show a long time ago, so it took us a while to get back on track. Every actor usually comes on his own time for dubbing, but we met when all of us had time with each other. The studio is very clear about its hygiene, allowing only one artist at a time. We do dubbing in a fully sanitized studio. And we are given instructions on the other side of the studio. The system of dubbing is already done in isolation. So the work was easily done in isolation. “

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