August 19, 2022



Bahubali Famed Actor Prabhas Upcoming Film Shot In Mumbai

Prabhas starrer film ‘Adipurush’ was recently shot in a studio in Mumbai. This duran used to be present on the crew set of about 200 people. However, director Om Raut was following all the Covid guidelines. Producers were not in a mood to stop shooting, but the second wave of Corona dashed their plans. In a special conversation with Dainik Bhaskar, Raut shared special things related to the film:

We are shooting this film with 3D technology. We also used this type of technique in ‘Tanhaji …’. In ‘Adipurush’, we are working many times more than that. We have to show the earth seven thousand years ago. If this is the demand of the subject, then our work is also going on in the same way. Ravana is possibly the most difficult character in the world. For this I chose Saif because he performs every character with full passion. Ravana’s character is negative and Saif’s character in ‘Tanhaji …’ was also negative.

The research of the film has taken 19 years. It is not easy to show the earth seven thousand years ago. We will not be able to create that kind of atmosphere. Can’t shoot the film even at real location. Therefore, there was no planning to shoot at the real location. There is a lot of planning for the kind of script and scene that I write. We are going according to our planning. We were going to shoot this film in the studio from day one. We cannot change our planning and approach with any change.

I have always had a lot of interest in history and mythology. Many times it happens that when reading certain stories or characters, you like them very much. I have been very impressed with the stories I have heard from my maternal grandparents or elders in childhood, so many times we feel that we should take these best stories to the people in a new way. This is the reason why I have a great desire to work on such subjects. Right now I am focusing on ‘Adipurush’. It has to be completed soon. “

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