September 24, 2021



Arjun Kapoor Wanted The Role In ‘Kapoor & Sons’

Bollywood Actor Alia Bhatt, Sidharth Malhotra and Fawad Khan played the lead roles in the film Kapoor & Sons released in 2016. The pair of all three was well-liked in the film and also gay novelist Fawad Khan had impressed the audience a lot with a different character, but now actor Arjun Kapoor has revealed that he will replace Fawad in this film. Wanted to take it but it didn’t work out.

During a clubhouse session with Janice Squara and Anirudh Guha, actor Arjun Kapoor has revealed that he had called Kapoor & Sons director Shakun Batra after learning that he was facing casting issues. Arjun said, not many people know this, but I want to confess this. I had called Shakun Batra at that time the film was stalled. I said that I want to work in the film. But at that time Shakun did not think that my casting would fit right in the film. I wanted to play Fawad Khan but the makers were stuck in it.

Arjun further told in the interview, I still make fun of Shakun and say, you did not take Arjun Kapoor but took the name of Arjun Kapoor. According to the reports, before Fawad Khan, this film was offered to 6 other actors. Pakistani actor Fawad was cast in the film after every actor turned down.

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