Alia’s Father Mahesh Bhatt Cancels His Shoot

There are still two different types of news coming out on the wedding date of film actors Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. It has become clear in a news that their marriage will take place between April 14 and 16. Sources close to him have confirmed this. According to other news, the date of marriage is still not confirmed.

However, now Mahesh Bhatt has told himself busy from 14 to 16 April. Exactly the same was done by Vicky Kaushal’s father at the time of Vicky’s marriage. He was doing action for Shyam Benegal’s film, but he could not give time to the film during the marriage. His action team had joined the cast and crew of Shyam Benegal in Bangladesh without him.

However, the relatives of Alia and Ranbir have not yet received the wedding invitation card. This was confirmed by Alia’s younger sister Smiley Suri and Ranbir Kapoor’s uncle Randhir Kapoor. Smiley Suri said, ‘Marriage is a very personal matter. Surely Alia is my maternal uncle’s daughter. She was my first student when I started dance training under Shiamak Davar. Aaliya was only six years old then. Bhatt sahib used to bring them. Even today we have good relations, but we never talked about marriage or engagement issue. We don’t have any information yet. Of course, Alia is a very caring person, especially in family relations. Whatever house she becomes the daughter-in-law of, she will take good care of there.

Concrete answers are also not coming officially from the Kapoor family on the preparations for the wedding. Randhir Kapoor said, ‘Neither Ranbir nor his mother Neetu have told me anything about marriage. The wedding preparations are not happening yet. Preparation will be done only when the date is confirmed. The date is not confirmed yet. So what to confirm? I am not even aware of whether the two have got engaged or not.

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