September 27, 2021



Akshay Kumar Will Start Shooting For The Film In England

Due to the Covid situation, apart from Maharashtra, there are a lot of hurdles regarding shooting in other states of the country. In such a situation, shooting of most of the films is being done in Mumbai these days. Backdrops of different states and different countries are being recreated in the studios of Mumbai itself. Akshay Kumar is doing an experiment above all this. He will go to England to shoot for Ranjit Tiwari’s tentative title ‘Mission Cinderella’. He will start shooting from 25th August in the capital London. The interesting thing is that for this they are getting Shimla created there. Prior to this, he had created Chandigarh in Glasgow last year for Ranjit Tiwari’s film ‘Bell Bottom’. The production designer of both the films, Amit Ray himself has confirmed this.

In a special conversation, Amit Ray said, “We are reaching London on August 1 for the recce of the set of the film. There we will find a location like Shimla and erect the set of Shimla Police Station there. His brother’s house will be built. Also the magician’s character’s house has to be created. So this is a huge challenge for the production designer’s team. The story of the film is set in Shimla, but the shooting is taking place in London. After all this work, Akshay Kumar will come to shoot from 25th August.

Amit Ray goes on to say, “Basically London has to be made like India. There are many reasons to create Shimla by going to England. One is that about 20 percent subsidy is available on shoots in England. Secondly, the dates of all the artists are collected. The entire shooting is done in one schedule. Thirdly, in Mumbai, shooting is allowed only till 4 pm. In other states, there are additional restrictions of other types. So, shooting is rarely done at the live locations there. Instead, shooting is being done in studios in Mumbai by recreating major cities of different states and countries.

Also, during the time of Covid, the governments of England and Scotland have been very shooting friendly. At the time of the film ‘Bellbottom’, a set of Indira Gandhi’s era PMO was allowed to be built in the main market of Glasgow. An airport was also to be hired from the production house. It was to cost 26 thousand pounds. Production designers found a cost-effective solution. The hotel lounge in Glasgow, where the crew was staying, was modified to give it the look of an airport lounge.

Amit Ray says another interesting thing, “The interesting thing is that last year, when a schedule of the film ‘Bellbottom’ was scheduled to be shot in Chandigarh, Akshay was in Glasgow. During that time, the Covid cases in India increased a lot. In such a situation, the makers and Akshay sir decided that why should not the Chandigarh set be installed in Glasgow itself. Its permission was also given by the local government there. Thus the entire team stayed in Glasgow for 15 days and returned after completing the film. I.”

The film ‘Mission Cinderella’ is the Hindi remake of the Tamil superhit film ‘Ratsasan’. It is a crime thriller genre film. Hero busts child trafficking syndicate. Akshay has previously played the role of police officers and intelligence officers in ‘Khaki’, ‘Aan’, ‘Rowdy Rathore’, ‘Gabbar’, ‘Baby’.

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