September 16, 2021



Akshay Kumar Reaches England For ‘Mission Cinderella’

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar’s ‘Bellbottom’ is releasing this week. Akshay has also reached England for the shooting of his upcoming film ‘Mission Cinderella’. Both the films are directed by Ranjit Tiwari. His team told that Akshay is a RAW agent in one, and in-charge of Manali police station in the other. In ‘Bellbottom’, where Akshay Kumar has brain action, in ‘Mission Cinderella’ he has the familiar anti-gravity action.

The shooting of ‘Mission Cinderella’ will start from August 25, but Akshay has already reached England because he will be quarantined for six days before the shoot. Akshay will also get a special screening of ‘Bellbottom’ done in England itself. Then from August 20, he will start shooting for ‘Mission Cinderella’. Before Akshay, the director had already reached there with his team. The production designers’ unit is also conducting reconnaissance of locations in England from the first of this month.

Huma Qureshi also has an important role in the film. He has more scenes than Vaani Kapoor. Regarding this, Parvez said, “Huma’s action avatar will be shocking for her fans. She has done the same action and stunts as Taapsee Pannu did in ‘Baby’. Its effect was such that the spin of that character. Off ‘Naam Shabana’ was made till now.” However, Akshay Kumar will shoot ‘Mission Cinderella’ in England till September. On his return to India from there, ‘Ram Setu’ and ‘Raksha Bandhan’ will be completed.

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