August 19, 2022



Ajay Devgan’s Upcoming Film ‘Bhuj’ Will Be Released On Eid

Bollywood Actor Ajay Devgan’s film ‘Bhuj: Pride of India’ is constantly getting delayed. Officials associated with the film informed Dainik Bhaskar about its latest development. He told that the film was to be released on the OTT platform Hotstar during the IPL itself. For this, Hotstar had also made an ad with Ajay. This ad is being broadcast during the match these days, but the film ‘Bhuj’ has not even been completed yet. These days post production work of the film is going on. In such a situation, Hotstar is now preparing to bring the film on Eid.

70 percent of the film is filled with action sequences. To choreograph these scenes, ‘Bahubali’ fame hired action director Peter Hanes. The property used to film the action sequence costs around 10 crores. The film uses real tanks, but prototype tanks have also been built to fly them, which also cost 10-15 lakh rupees. In total, Rs 20 crore has been spent on action sequences. Now 35 million VFX work is being done on it.

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