Ajay Devgan Revealed Why HE Called Salman Khan

Bollywood Actor Ajay Devgan’s upcoming film ‘Runway-34’ is going to be released in theaters on April 29, a few days before Eid. Now in a recent interview, Ajay has shared some things related to Salman Khan regarding the release date of the film. He told that the release of the film is happening in the week of Eid. That’s why Ajay first called Salman Khan.

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Ajay was asked about his film Runway 34, which is releasing a few days before Eid. The film can do well at the box office in the mid-week. Reacting to this, Ajay said, “I had no intention of releasing the film on Eid. We wanted to release the film on this date and coincidentally the date fell before Eid. When I announced the film, Then I didn’t know that Eid is also in the same week.”

Ajay first called Salman Khan after announcing the release date. Ajay told, “First of all I called Salman Khan and asked that I have announced this release date. You don’t have any problem.” Salman said, “Don’t worry I don’t have any release that week, my film will release on Eid next year.”


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