August 19, 2022



After The Massive Hit Of “Chak De India” Shahrukh Khan Will Again Collabrate With Shimit Amin For His Upcoming Project

After The Failure Of Anand L Rai’s film Zero Bollywood Actor Shah Rukh Khan taking a break from the movies and waiting for good script and recently there is a rumor that Shahrukh Khan is going to make a film on the world’s biggest getaway. The script of this film was under preparation since March, but the work on it remained stuck. Now the script is finally ready in lockdown. That story is about indentured laborers.

According to the sources, Khan’s upcoming film “Gulam Bharat” is the British and largely lured the common people to places like West Indies vs Australia. Signs were signed. Because of this people could not get back to India. But he did not break due to that. Foreign land was considered as its homeland. At the same time, he established his separate identity. Shahrukh is also going to play a similar character in his next film.

Sources close to Shah Rukh Khan said that the screenplay and dialogue work has been completed. Negotiations are going on with Shimit Amin to direct it. Shimit Amin gave Chak De India one of the biggest hits of his career to Shahrukh Khan. Shahrukh wants to change his image. He wants to come again to the people as the cold, heroic, serious hero of Chak De India and Swadesh, hence he chose this type of script. Now preparations are being made to bring on board a director who directs serious and serious stories.

Shah Rukh was also offered a story on West Indies cricketer Alvin Kalicharan. He is considering it. Alvin Kalicharan was also from the next generation of indentured laborers. The story is based on how he collected the West Indies cricket team in 1975 and got the country the first World Cup. With this, Shahrukh wants to build it as an international project.

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