August 14, 2022



Actress Hina Khan Shares Emotional Note for Her Father’s Death

Television Actress Hina Khan’s father died on 20 April due to cardiac arrest. The most sad thing was that Hina was not with him at the time of the father’s death. She had gone to Kashmir in connection with the shooting. She returned to Mumbai immediately after hearing the news of her father’s demise. Now recently she has shared an emotional note on social media remembering her father. In the post, she also told that she is also taking a break from social media for a few days. Also, Hina has thanked everyone for the support and love of the fans in this difficult time.

Hina Khan shared the post and wrote, “My dear father Aslam Khan left all of us and moved to Jannat on 20 April 2021. I am thankful to all of you for standing with me and my family in this difficult time. I and My family is in mourning. In such a situation, all my social media accounts will now be handled by my team and will keep you updated about my upcoming projects. Thank you all for your love and support. ” This is Hina’s first post after her father’s demise.

Hina was very close to her father. She often shared her photos with her father on social media. His father also blocked all his credit and debit cards to ensure strict compliance with the economy during the lockdown. Hina also shared a video of it. In which Hina was telling her father that she did not have any credit card and debit card. The father gets an answer on this, that is because I have blocked all the cards. Hearing this, Hina asks in a panic, you blocked all my cards, why?

All the cards of Hina were blocked for saving
When Hina asks her father the reason for this major decision. So in response his father said, the lockdown is not over yet, so you should save your money. Hearing this, Hina’s biggest concern was how she would go shopping and buy coffee. Explaining the solution, his father said, “I will give you 200 rupees for the coffee itself and the rest for the expenses.” Hearing this, Hina is very angry and insists on withdrawing the card. The video of this father-daughter debate was very much liked by the fans.

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